Core Foundations was founded to address the issue of homelessness in County Durham and Hexham which we believe is made up of different forms of poverty:

• Poverty of Resources

• Poverty of Relationships

• Poverty of Identity

Core Foundations aims to be a Christian faith led charity where we recognise that the poverty of relationships is as important as the poverty of resources so we want to support those within the home with love and friendship alongside skills to give them hope for their future and empower them to live a fulfilled and independent life.


.• To provide a good standard of accommodation which feels like a home

• To provide assisted living for up to 2 years, through professional support of an Empowerment Worker

• Career Skills

• Domestics Skills

• Life and Personal skills

• Financial Understanding

• To offer friendship, love, support and non-judgmental relationships to journey with tenants via befrienders from local churches

• Opportunity to learn about the Christian faith led only by the tenant's wishes